Party slams attack on Embel

National, Normal

THE Pangu Pati has described the attack on  Sports Minister Philemon Embel as shameful and barbaric.
Last month, the nation witnessed a stone throwing incident at a gathering in the same province where the prime minister attended.
“This is becoming an unbearable situation which the party strongly singled out as barbaric.
“The party challenged all leaders of the Southern Highlands to unite and address law and order problems by enforcing deterrents  for people who take the law into their own hands,” it said in a joint statement by national president Milo Timini and secretary general Moses Taian.
The attack on Embel had brought great shame to the the peace loving people of Nipa Kutubu who elected him.  
“Pangu takes pride in   its leaders and promotes the highest of integrity, humility, respect and tolerance.
“We call on our brother Highlands MPs to stand together and start changing the
mindset and attitudes of their people particularly in  the Southern Highlands,” it added.
Party executives are expected to meet with Embel to identify the trouble spots and start restricting the flow of goods and services to stop such incidents fron happening again.