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TWENTY-FIVE passengers who paid to travel to Wewak, East Sepik, on a ferry were ordered off the vessel by police because it was overloaded.
Madang police commander Supt Mazuc Rubiang confirmed that police officers were at the scene after being alerted by National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA) officers.
He said the vessel was supposed to carry only 275 passengers but had gone over the limit, taking 300.
Supt Rubiang said police officers went to the Lutheran Shipping wharf and told 25 passengers to disembark before the ferry was allowed to leave for Wewak.
He warned the ferry operators and the boats travelling not to compromise safety or disregard laws.
He said the vessel owners needed to consider the risks involved in carrying more than the sanctioned number of passengers instead of trying to maximise their earnings.
He commended his officers and NMSA officials who worked together to ensure the ferry adhered to the law and left port with the correct number of passengers.


  • Well done Supt Rubiang and the Madang based NMSA officers. Continue to do your good work because we do not want to repeat what happened to Rabaul Queen.

  • We had experienced something really worse with Peter Sharp shipping in Rabaul regarding such issue.More than 250 plus people lost their lives in the sea and to date some of us we lost our love ones never forget this tragic Accident. Why not arrest captain and lock him up in jail and close this company.This must have done several times already.

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