Pato thanks his people for having confidence in him


RE-elected Wapenamanda MP Rimbink Pato has thanked his people for having confidence in him.
Pato said Wapenamanda deserved good services, commitment and determination for the next five years.
Addressing his supporters over the weekend in Port Moresby, Pato thanked all the pastors and Christians who prayed for the continuation of leadership and said he would focus on delivering services and the programme of work that he had started when elected into office in 2012.
“This election has been the toughest that I have faced,” he told his supporters,” Pato said.
“However, with the will of God and the blessings from the prayers that we have received with support from the families and the people at the electorate as well as our supporters in Port Moresby, I think we deserve the outcome that we have achieved.
“We have started the programme of action over the last five years and our people have seen that.”
He said he would continue to work with the pastors and the church leaders so that they could support him through prayers to ensure there was peace and harmony in the district for service to reach the people.
He thanked the soldiers, police, the returning officer and the assistant returning officers, district administration staff for their tremendous work in the election.
“I want to thank everyone that made a contribution to ensure this successful outcome that we will enjoy for the next five years as our people stand to see the benefit of our work,” Pato said.
“The first five years has been the start and for the next five years, we will continue from where we have stopped and therefore I want all your support.
“Many have supported me so the victory is the outcome that is not mine but the outcome that you all deserve and we are all going to work together.
“Our doors will be open to all to make sure we work together to deliver.”
He urged his supporters to remain calm saying this has been a fair election.