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Story and picture by GYNNIE KERO
TWO factions from Western Highlands that have fought over a tea plantation, resulting in more than 50 lives lost and properties destroyed in Dei, have agreed to lay down their firearms.
Leaders from the Kimka and Rolgoka tribes signed an agreement in Port Moresby on Wednesday in front of all their political leaders to end the fight which went on for more than a year.
Governor Paias Wingti, Hagen MP William Duma, Dei MP Wesley Nukundj, Mul-Baiyer MP Koi Trappe and Tambul-Nebilyer MP Win Bakri Daki also signed the agreement to help facilitate peace in Western Highlands.
Sam Koim, who helped facilitate the ceremony, outlined terms of the agreement in the presence of all factions concerned.
“You leaders have committed after signing, time to lower weapons (firearms), allow free movement of people,” Koim said.
Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), eastern end, Joseph Tondop said the signing would help him to roll out his action plan for the peace process in different stages for the fighting in Dei electorate. He said fighting over the Dirty Wara coffee plantation stopped weeks ago and he would now drive the peace process following the signing.
ACP Tondop thanked both parties and the people for putting in their time and effort to end the bloodshed and fighting which claimed more than 50 lives, properties worth a lot of money destroyed, while women and children were forced to become widows and fatherless.
Dei MP Wesley Nukundj said the district would help fund security operations to instil peace in the local communities.


  • Well done leaders of WHP, other areas should follow this good example potraying by the leader of WHP. Hela, SHP and Enga should do such thing. Hon. William Powi, Hon. Peter Ipatas and Hon. Philip Undialu please organise your local MPs and cease off tribal fights in your districts. Fighting zone areas like Tari-Pori, Upper Mendi & Nipa, Porgera – Paiela, Laigam and Maip-Muli should do same thing. These particular areas are restricted for innocent people to walk around becasue the people living in these places are act like a inhuman being.

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