Peace process put in place

Momase, Normal

MORE than K35,000 was presented to the people of Manam by the Madang provincial government to assist them in resolving conflicts between the Bogia people.
Governor Sir Arnold Amet presented three cheques for a total of K36, 648 from the Manam disaster trust fund, to assist the people in making peace.
The cheque was presented to Manam local-level government president Lawrence Kunoka at the Madang provincial government office last Friday.
In early 2007, the two ethnic groups of Bogia and Manam clashed over land issues.
This lead to the death of an elderly man.
Many people were homeless while several lives were lost in the tribal fights.
This forced the Manam islanders to return to their island from the care centres in the Bogia district on the mainland.
The people of Manam wanted peace and would reconcile with the mainland people by the end of this month or early next year.
Sir Arnold said he also wanted peace to be established between the two groups.
He said the cheque for K5,000 would go to the compensation ceremony, K23,848 would be used to buy a boat to ferry people during the compensation talks and for their use, while another cheque for K7,800 would be to settle other outstanding land issues.