People are dying from other diseases too


PAPUA New Guineans have been dying every year like flies well before the Coronavirus (Covid-19) entered our country.
A story on in The National yesterday “Dead all unvaccinated” cannot go unchallenged.
We should demand medical evidence for this.
Doctors are not medical research scientist and cannot say anything like that unless proven.
Let me make it clear, there are many different forms of sicknesses and deceases that kills so let us not blame everything on the Covid-19.
Our Government and the Health Department, over the last 46 years, have failed to establish a better health system in this country, especially in our rural areas.
At the moment, everyone is jumping up and down and blaming everything on the Covid-19.
How about malaria, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, heart diseases, cancers, kidney diseases and lifestyle diseases that have been killing our people?
I have lived in Buang local level government, Bulolo, Morobe, most of my life and have witnessed many deaths over these years.
I know what I am talking about.
I have not seen any effective government programmes on health issues up to date.
We need to send Government and expert health workers to all parts of the country to educate our people about healthy living.
Many Papua New Guineans, especially in rural areas, are dying every day due to no proper hygiene and unhealthy food.
The health minister and his department head should send more doctors and nurses to serve in our districts and local level governments from next year onwards if they are serious about protecting our people’s lives.
If our doctors and health workers refuse to go and serve in most parts of our rural areas, our Government can consider engaging foreign doctors and specialists to come in and assist us.
Let us respect each other.
Go get vaccinated if you wish to or else practise Covid-19 protocols.
PNG is a Christian nation, so let us all put our differences aside, rise up and be united in prayer.

Samson C Napo,
Buang LLG,