People in Madang have their say

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The National, Thursday 01st December 2011

AS millions of people around the world commemorate World Aids Day today, communities around PNG will come together to remember those who have fallen victim to the deadly virus.
Development partners, donor agencies and the national government will also have to review policies and commitment to address the epidemic.
According to Madang provincial AIDS committee coordinator Conrad Wadunah, Madang will also take part in observing World AIDS Day.
He said the committee was committed to addressing the issue currently affecting the populace.
As part of the AIDS campaign The National office in Madang  set out to interview four individuals in public
on what the World
AIDS Day meant to them.
Fr Joseph Durero of the Catholic Archdiocese in the Newtown area said World AIDS Day was simply a
kind of global activity serving a purpose ‘in
a unified way’ simultaneously around the world.
Rokus Kapia, who works at the British American Tobacco engineering department said the day was to remember those who had fallen victim to the HIV/AIDS virus in the country.
Bernadette Kisso, mother and teacher by profession said
HIV/AIDS was a fast killing virus and individuals must do their utmost to avoid contracting it.
Martha Sarewa, a packer at the tobacco factory department said it was a time to show support to people living with HIV/AIDS.