People must change no-care attitude

Letters, Normal

I refer to the letter “Erima buai market an eyesore” (The National, Oct 18) by Celine Ilias.
The no-care attitude of the people has made Erima and parts of Port Moresby an eyesore.
People with stubborn stinking habit continue to litter public places despite NCD Governor Powes Parkop’s call and tireless efforts to clean and beautify the city.
Boroko is challenging Erima as the dirtiest place.
It reminds me of walking right through a stinking pigsty.
More funds can be spent on cleaning and beautifying the places but nothing good will happen.
The city will only become clean when the people change their filthy attitude.
While I am pleased to see the city rangers cleaning up the city, they have to be more professional in carrying out their tasks.
I suggest that tighter measures be put in place before NCDC continues with its cleaning and beautification programmes.


Cletus Kevenduo
Port Moresby