People of Inland Rigo neglected


RIGO MP Lekwa Gure is turning a blind eye to issues facing Rigo inland areas.
What will you do for these people? Why did you put this photo in the media?
These people travel by raft for one whole day – from 6am to 6pm – just to reach the junction to catch PMV next day to reach Port Moresby to sell their produce.
There are even some who walk the distance, carrying their goods.
That K100 million secured as mentioned in the article published in September will not benefit my people in the Rigo Inland areas.
Next year is a crucial moment for Rigo if they want change.
On a different note, I salute the Moresby South MP for your services for my (Rigo) people at Koki market with regards to transit lodge.

Juki Gari
Mangi Nego Kwikila Rigo