People told to respect businesses

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Elias Lari

WESTERN Highlands provincial police commander Chief Supt Kaiglo Ambane has called on the people to respect all businesses are operating in the province.
Chief Supt Ambane made the call yesterday morning following the death of a security guard who was shot on Wednesday.
He said the security company was in the province to help develop the province and also to provide jobs for the people of Western Highlands.
Chief Supt Ambane said if business houses were to leave the province, then it would not exist.
He said people must be proud that they have such big businesses investing in the province.
He said the two guards, one shot dead and the other  currently fighting for his life at the Mt Hagen General Hospital, were unarmed and  were there to protect lives, properties and businesses.
Chief Supt Ambane said such killing was becoming a  big threat to other businesses operating in the province.
He said  Western Highlanders must take the responsibility to protect every business operating in the province .
“If we do not protect our province and respect businesses operating in the province, then who will do it for us?” he asked.
He further highlighted  that without any business operating in the province, no development would take place.
He said criminals did not have any respect for the guards who were unarmed at that time.
Security guards should be respected for the work they do as it brings a sense of security.
 Meanwhile, Chief Supt Ambane said that police were trying their best to get those culprits to face the full force of law.
He also called upon the public to report whatever information they had to the police so that they would try and make some arrest.