People want answers from Zibe

Lae News, Normal

The National – Tuesday, December 21, 2010

HEALTH and HIV/AIDS Minister and member for Huon Gulf, Sasa Zibe, has been asked to explain when people in his electorate will benefit from their membership of Tomorrow Rainforest Alliance.
People from Bobong community, ward 18 in the Wampar local level government say they were asked to pay for the cards during the 2007 elections by Zibe on the belief that they would get paid some money as interest.
Zibe’s former committee member and village court magistrate, Samuel Terry and councillor, Yaling Maris, said people from many more LLGs and districts in the electorate were asked to purchase the card for K1 each and promised extra money in return.
They said, however, that nothing had happened with no word from the minister’s Lae office.
Bobong villagers are still awaiting elementary school buildings their MP promised, chainsaws, musical instruments and teachers’ houses.
They were also promised three church buildings to house the church of Christ, Lutheran and Four Square denominations in the community but nothing had yet happened.
Terry and Maris said seven villages from around the area would be converging on Bobong to celebrate Christmas this year and this should be an opportunity for Zibe to visit them all.
“We are sending out a special invitation for him to come and be with us at this gathering and maybe he can explain to us what is happening to the things he promised us,” Terry said.