Pilot project rolls out in Mendi

National, Normal

The National, Monday August 5th, 2013

 THE new pilot project for the national health department –  the NHSS rollout programme – was launched in Mendi Hospital last month.

The launching from July 8-12, was held at the Agiru Centre conference room, by the specialist medical officers.

Those present included Dr James Naipao (chief ENT), Dr Matupi Apaio (chief dentist), Dr Nora Dai (deputy chief anaesthetics), Dr James Amini (chief paediatrician), Dr Seth Fose (chief pathologist), Dr Dora Lenturut (chief radiologist), Dr Ligo Augerer (chief obstetrician), Dr Osborne Liko (chief surgeon) and Dr Joseph Bana Koiri (deputy chief physician).

The  project outlines Port Moresby General Hospital as a level seven facility, regional hospitals are level six, provincial hospitals are level five, district hospitals are level four, health centres are level five, sub-health centres are level two and aid posts are level one.

A statement said Mendi hospital was a level five hospital and the first in PNG to rollout the NHSS standards. The hospital management thanked the medical officers for their time and effort.