Pipeline work to shut Freeway

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MOTORISTS, transport companies and the public in Port Moresby are being advised that a portion of the Poreporena Freeway will be closed for two weeks starting Saturday, Jan 30.
This is to enable a pipeline of 200mm in diameter to be laid underground from PNG Ports Ltd’s Port Moresby terminal container storage area, across the freeway, to the PNG Law and Justice Sector office along the freeway just off the PNG Defence Force Basilisk naval base.
PNG Ports Ltd advised in a statement that the repair work and relocation of its Tank 7 Fuel Pipeline would be carried out by contractor J.D. Hayes Limited with consent from the National Capital District Commission (NCDC).
The road will be cut and dug to allow for the underground pipeline works.
The signed statement by chief executive officer Brian Riches said that all necessary and adequate traffic control measures to enable orderly and safe access for motorists would be implemented during the construction.
“Motorists are hereby advised to adhere to these traffic control measures. It is estimated that the excavation, pipe laying, backfilling and road finishing works will take up to two weeks.
“A section of the freeway lane leading towards down-town Port Moresby will be the first to be temporarily closed with oncoming traffic detoured to the other half lane on the opposite side of the freeway. This shall take no more than one week for works on each lane to be completed,” Mr Riches said and apologised for any inconveniences that will be caused during the construction period.