Piso: Human trafficking CoI needed

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The National, Wednesday June 26th, 2013


THE Government has been urged to set up commission of inquiry into human trafficking and forced labour in PNG.

Lutheran Gut Nius church bishop David Piso said the report released by United States government on sex trafficking and forced labour was of great concern to the country.

Piso said the report painted a bad picture of PNG.

“The report labelled PNG as a source, destination and transit for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labour really destroys the ethical, moral and spiritual well-being of the country,” he said.

Piso said the current economic boom in the country had caused an influx of foreigners, some of whom were 

allegedly involved in illegal activities as highlighted by the report.

He said this indicated that there were loop holes in the government system which lacked proper controls and checks to screen such foreigners.

“This report is damaging to the country’s image and I want to call on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his deputy Leo Dion to immediately set a commission of inquiry to find ways and means to stop it,” he said.

The bishop urged the Government to act on the recommendation made by the US State Department report by enacting legislation to prohibit and punish all forms of trafficking, investigate, prosecute and punish offenders.

Piso said relevant authorities must check nightclubs that were owned and operated by foreigners to ensure that no underaged girls were being employed as hostesses, dancers and bar tenders.

He added that foreigners operating businesses must comply with PNG laws and not use the country as transit points for their criminal activities.