Plan to merge water firms hailed


WATER PNG Ltd managing director Raka Taviri Jr says the key driver of Water PNG will be the merger with Eda Ranu.
Taviri told the leaders’ summit in Port Moresby last week that the process, which started in June last year, would improve efficiencies.
He said the merger would bring:

  • A bigger balance sheet with the ability to expand coverage of water and sewage services into new district and provincial towns;
  • secure commercial loans based on the combined balance sheet and prudent management;
  • opportunities to share different experiences; and
  • Planning to increase water capacity for Port Moresby to meet rising demand.

Taviri Jr said Water PNG’s vision for 2030 was to achieve 100 per cent coverage of provincial towns, 60 per cent of district towns, progressing to the ultimate achievement of 100 per cent by 2050.
He said 90 per cent of urban population were using a better water supply.