Plans for new markets

National, Normal

The National, Monday February 17th, 2014

 EASTERN Highlands farmers will benefit from the upgraded K13 million Goroka market and satellite markets to be built in other centres, Governor Julie Soso says.

Soso said the market projects would be complemented by a big project on the economic corridor between the province and Madang. 

She said the new highway from Megabo, in Upper Bena, to Ramu, and the market upgrading should further empower the farmers who produced some of the best crops and vegetables in the country.

“The Government is supportive of these projects, with the Government funding the market project for K10m. 

“It’s a two-storey building and we will fund Goroka market with K13 million,” Soso said.

“Another K10 million will be used to build the Eastern Highlands markets in Madang, Lae and Port Moresby. 

“These markets will have transit accommodation for farmers because Eastern Highlands people are known for travelling to other provinces to sell their garden produces.

“The residents from these three towns and cities who want to buy Eastern Highlands garden produce can access fresh crops and vegetables from these markets. 

“In Lae, we will get a land space at Malahang. In Madang, it will be near Madang Teachers and the Moresby market will be at Hohola.”

The provincial budget increased from K247 million in 2013 to K260 million this year and the provincial government will commit some funds from its provincial services improvement project fund.