Plans in place to deal with issues

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The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013

 THE head teacher of Kilakila Primary School, Robert Lavaki, has urged parents who have issues with the school operation to talk to its management. 

Lavaki was responding to an article published yesterday in this newspaper about a parent complaining about teachers’ absenteeism.

Lavaki said one parent’s issue had tarnished the name of not only the teachers but the school. 

He said the school had strategies in place to deal with such issues and it was proper to bring issues to the school rather than using the media.

He said the school with its three-month-old board had ensured there were constant teacher-parent consultations on such issues.

“When the school calls meetings for the school, only a few parents show up,” he said.

“What’s the point of blaming the school if parents do not show interest in it?”

He said the school has four streams – if a teacher was not present, students would then be put to three groups and fitted to the other three classrooms so that they did not miss out on the day’s lessons. 

“However some children do not like to be taught by other teachers and run away home,” he said. 

He urged the media to seek comments from the school on any parent’s complaint.

“Such information should be properly investigated as it has tarnished the school’s name and has frustrated my teachers because not all of them are bad,” he said.