PM tells Namah to research information instead of relying on media


Prime Minister James Marape has called on the Opposition Leader Belden Namah to do his research properly and not get information only from the media.
Marape was responding to Namah’s call that National Pandemic Response Controller and Police Commissioner David Manning and Marape explain what two Australians were doing at the Covid-19 National Operations Centre.
He named them as Brett Cowling and James Cooper.
Namah said: “The nation wants to know what capacity they are engaged in, what roles they perform and how much are they being paid for their services. What are their qualifications?
“Are they the ones responsible for the manipulation and drafting of the Covid-19 orders issued by the Controller?” Marape advised Namah to visit the operations centre and find out for himself.
“He will be pleasantly surprised,” he said.
Namah claimed that the two Australians were telling Manning what orders to issue such as the recent military callout, closing of churches, declaring of further lockdowns and announcing Covid-19 cases without medical evidence.
“If this is so, then it is in breach of our national security,” Namah said.


  • Beldan Namah, pairap olsem garamut stap ya maski. Try and do something good for the country in this trying times. Maski long pairap olsem popcorn na run igo long court tumas. Show the people of PNG what you can do as opposition leader to help rather than organizing press conference after press conference just to criticize everything the government is trying to do.
    What good can you bring to the table?????

  • Belden Namah is just being silly and is talking too much nonsense. Just walk in there, find out for yourself, get your evidence, then come out and open your mouth to the nation. Rather than barking like a toothless that do not bite.

  • I think if we look from 3rd person point of view-BN be propably 75% correct, there is something fishing about this COVID-19 restrictions!!!

  • What BN mention “announcing Covid-19 cases without medical evidence”, honestly I don’t believe in this rising number of cases in Pom. Are the results true and correct? Or is there any contradiction involve to manipulate the Gov. Ol test results yah nogut negative na responsible authorities yet forcim lo kamap positive.

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