PM warns criminals: I am coming for you

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PRIME Minister James Marape, pictured, has warned gun-toting hooligans that “I am coming for you”.
“To all who have guns and kill and hide behind the mask of the community, learn from what I will do to criminals who kill innocent people.
“I am not afraid to use the strongest measures in law on you.
“To Haguai, Okiru and Liwi, plus others in Tari who have been living off killing others, I am coming for you. Last week, I responded to question on death penalty (in) Parliament. It is already a law.
“In memory of the innocent who continue to die at the hands of gun-toting criminals, your time is up.
“Before I had someone else to report to. Now I have no one else to report to but the innocent you kill.”
He posted his comments on his Facebook page following the killing of women and children in Hela on Saturday. “Today (Tuesday, July 8) is one of the saddest days of my life.
“Many children and mothers (were) innocently murdered in Munima and Karida villages of my electorate by Haguai, Liwi and Okiru gunmen.”
It was reported that a group of men armed with high-powered rifles killed six women at Peta village on Tuesday. An hour later, a second group of men killed two pregnant women, mothers and children and injured four others at Karida village.
Marape said since 2012, he had been requesting for more police presence in Hela but police headquarters did not support him.
“How can a province of 400,000 people function in policing law and order with under 60 policemen, and the occasional operational military and police that do no more than bandaid maintenance?”