PMBL agrees to defer season


The Papua New Guinea Men’s Basketball League (PMBL) board had agreed to postpone the start of the season after all the clubs failed to meet the deadline.
“We have extended the deadline by a week, which was suggested by one of our members in Moses Koiri, from Exodus,” the board said in a statement.
“On record, only two franchise have paid in full their affiliation fee of K10,000.
“They are Moni Plus and KSS Southern Flames.
“We will still go ahead with the season if more than two teams are fully registered.
“We will start the season on the April 25 so all clubs have until April 24 to make their payments.
“Finally, we would like to welcome new team Birdwings into the PMBL.”
The board said the bulk of the players were seasoned PMBL players and should have no problem competing at that level.