PMV fares still 80t

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The National, Tuesday February 4th, 2014


PUBLIC Motor Vehicle (PMV) fares for all routes within Port Moresby is 80 toea and anything above that is illegal, the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) says.

The commission said that after commuters travelling between Gordon’s Market to the fringes of the city complained of high fares charged by PMVs.

For some areas, the fares have doubled, with delays caused by congestion blamed for the PMV-imposed fares.  

Aaron Nangan, who lives at 8-Mile, is one such individual who has had to fork out extra. “We used to pay K1 but we are now paying K2,” Nangan said. “From what I know, we should be paying 80 toea, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

Nangan said commuters usually did not have a say as complaining often led to them walking from Gordon’s to 8-Mile.

The commission said the last urban PMV price announcement made in 2012 set the fare at 80 toea and the raising of the price to K1 and eventually K2 was a breach of regulations. 

It said the same fare was applied in 2013 and had continued into this year.