PMV services must not be privatised

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday, May 20, 2011

SOME public services are better off not controlled by private companies as can be seen in the operation of PMV buses in cities like Port Moresby and Lae.
Chaos, congestion and madness on the streets are the order of the day because of the way the PMV drivers conduct their business.
Bus drivers want to make money for their owners and also themselves, so they cut short routes to collect more money.
Who can blame them?
The capitalist world is a ruthless place to survive.
Increasing the bus fares is not really an answer for both cities’ PMV problems.
In order to bring sanity and some semblance of order to the streets of our cities, the PMV buses must be operated by city authorities or the national government.
How can workers for both public and private sectors be productive if their workers cannot go to work early and be in a good frame of mind to work after the mad rush to catch buses?
The same thing goes for our school children.
And going home after work should not be an experience to drive a person crazy because of heavy congestion and “fear” of being robbed or raped.
If the system is designed properly, these problems should be resolved.
If the PNG Vision 2050 does not include ideas of how to improve city life, then it must be improved upon.
Some of the solutions must be brought forward as there are numerous problems now being experienced in Port Moresby, for instance.
Some of the stake holders involved in this area should visit cities like Sydney even if they have not already been there a hundred times before so that a similar efficient bus service there can be adopted here.
Is PNG Vision 2050 based on real needs or is it based on wishful thinking only?


Joe Labi
Port Moresby