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THE People’s National Congress party (PNC) does not support any further continuation of the state of emergency (SOE) after legislation was bulldozed through Parliament this week and calls for an immediate debate on proposals for the way forward after the emergency period.
Party Leader Peter O’Neill in a statement yesterday said the Government could not continue to delay their proposals for moving beyond the SOE as people were suffering because of the way it had been mismanaged.
“Evidence has shown the hardship that this SOE has imposed on SMEs (small-medium enterprises) and other businesses that has made it is almost impossible for them to function. Customers are not able to buy products and services, and businesses are closing and workers are being sacked,” O’Neill said. “There have been many documented cases of human rights abuses by police claiming to be acting under SOE powers, and health authorities have been sidelined when they should have a main role in detecting and containing any case of the virus.
“The SOE cannot be extended for a third time, and PNC wants to see a constructive approach to managing the coronavirus risks while getting the economy back to on track so that people can live normal lives in what is now called the new normal.”
O’Neill said that PNC supported ongoing control and surveillance operations along the country’s border in identified high-risk provinces, but other restrictions such as safe international travel movements should be allowed to reopen in a careful manner.
“Border operations in our western provinces do not require an SOE, but can be designated to the PNGDF (Defence Force and RPNGC (police) under existing legislation.”


  • PNC is right! Too much talk and too little action. PMJM and the small boys in Government need to man up and make some solid decisions to move forward. Playing a delay tactic and waiting for Covid 19 to blow over is an unrealistic approach.!

  • Yes I agreed with Cloudlands…. you will not just in middle of something to make dissension. BUT I believed Government of the day have already set up plans for SOE before it ends/uplifted moving forward for the better PNG. COVID19 is here to stay…….. but WITH, THROUGH and IN GOD everything is possible.

  • SOE Should stop, In the event of prevention and preparation of COVID19 it is destroying lives and general livelihood of PNG citizens, I also fell the pain of supporting relatives who dependent on informal sector and now they can’t support themselves and become dependent on whoever family member is working. I support PO on move against SOE

  • Globally people died left right center like animals due to covid 19. PNG you have only 8 cases and non of them died and that speaks them all. Marape governments SOE extension is meaningless and killing ordinary citizens . This is another way of diverting covid 19 funds building their empire leading to 2022. This government is really suffering its own people. Fed up already of this governments way of handling nations issues. Very incompetent government with too much talking and no action.

  • Corona virus is a real threat to any country. The government needs to find a middle way. SOE with drastic measures cannot continue because those who suffer will be the common people. Peter O’Neil and his co-horts should stay silent because they have cause more damage to the country then Covid19 and SOE measures. The government must be very prudent because as seen in Italy it takes almost 6 months to reach the peak and descend again. Now SOE measures in Italy have been relaxed although the virus is still around. Borders are open, tourists can come in to revive the economy again. In the same way PNG needs to open her borders and funds need to be diverted to checking passengers coming in. So far the government has done a good job, not a great job. Because the way they should have handled the situation was exposed and explained by Gov. Alan Bird. Maybe he should be Covid19 minister. Remove the police scientist minister and give it to competent people to handle the case.

  • Government should put more efforts in tightening Border Security (Land & Sea) and International Flights, while doing so lets us within the country live our normal lives, our threats is not within the country it is an external treat, COVID19 will be imported not exported. Extending SOE is not an answer, SOE has affected us all, the citizens, and business community of this nation of ours. Instead of enforcing preventative measures on COVID19, the SOE introduces what I call the Marshall Law. I Support the call from PO and opposition side of the house, plus those from the government who also opposes the proposal of SOE extension to come out in numbers and vote against it. The new policies proposed by the government for the purpose of future pandemic should be critically analysed and argued, we must not be dogmatic and accept what is being put before us that will affect the lives of individual people. The people makes up the country, and drives the countries domestic economy. I fear a downfall of our nations and individual citizens livelihood will be caused by laws enforced by our government rather than destruction from COVID19.

  • Bring back PNC into power .The Marape Govt is too much talk.We need action leaders,not preachers
    For goodness sake remove SOE. Control only the international travels and Border movements.
    Peter Oneil and PNC for 2022 elections.

  • Government of the day should with fearful heart reconcile with God of PNG for protecting the lives of the poor citizens during the COVID -19. The great bible in the parliament house is God of the universe watching your motives when it comes to decision making in ruling the beautiful nation. God killed the high priest during the time of Moses for performing duties of sacrifice with wrong motives. PM and the other cabinet need to seek the wisdom of God like Solomon did. None of the 8 died because of God protecting his people and not really the security measures. All leaders of parliament should positively fear Great God of Israel for His protection during the COVID 19 instead of so many debates.

  • There is no perfect solution to Covid19 pandemic. No country has the perfect solution. If there was one, there wouldn’t be a single death in a powerful country like America. It all depends on what the government’s strategy is to manage Covid19. In PNG, PMJM adopted a defensive strategy. Due to the fact that we have a poor health service, widespread local transmission would be catastrophic as seen in other countries. Therefore to avoid going down this path the defensive strategy has achieved its objectives and thus there’s no deaths. We must all know that this strategy comes at cost to the economy and social well being of ordinary people. We cannot enjoy both defensive strategy against Covid19 and better performing economy at the same time. It’s practically impossible!. We will be vulnerable to Covid19 and hence run greater health risk to our people. The points for and against becomes subject to individual opinion and that as far as it goes – not perfect!.

  • Extension of SOE is safe for our country. It is not killing anyone. Patience is something not embedded in ignorant mentality and carelessness for oneself and others. We should follow the prevention measures and pray for those who suffered most with their missing loved ones.

  • Big events, like pacific games, APEC and disasters like earth quake that struck PNG during the time when Abel/O’Neil Government was in power.
    There is no report being presented to parliament for public consumption.No transparency to date now.
    Why are we so eager on the SOE which is a life treating disease globally.
    Are we fit to handle this killer disease if it kills and spreads all over PNG?
    Have we got enough health care equipment to treat our patients?
    Do we have enough health care workers?
    I agree with Cloudlands. Prevention is better than Cure.
    The Current Government is on the right track so thanks to Steven/Marape Government.

  • What kind of extension is the Government on about????? PREVENTION measures are already in place what else do you want??? Where are your PROVES of POSITIVE CASES or better yet DEATH CASES???. STOP THIS SOE. people are suffering PNC IS RIGHT

  • The Government is extending two weeks to draft five ( 5) legislation for us all for prevention measures. Only two weeks and SOE restrictions will be relaxed.
    People are suffering because we are lazy, if you are in our cities, you have to have plan B.
    Mipela lo ples KOL WARA na KAUKAU,TAPIOKA STAP.

  • SOE is the way forward. What will we do when there are new cases? We are not prepared for it. PMJM and team to extend SOE will be the best decision for country. PmPo must not play politics and put people’s lives first.

  • Being stagnant for a long period of time wont help us in any way. The reality is our government relies heavily on the revenue generated internally to pay for its expenses and service delivery. Despite the challenges we face, I’m sure there is a way forward beyond all of this. All it takes is for the right decisions to be made.

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