PNG 7s teams qualify


The Papua New Guinea men’s and women’s teams have qualified as Oceania 1 for the World Sevens Series qualifiers in Hong Kong and the Rugby Sevens World Cup next year.
The men’s team qualified for the Commonwealth Games.
Papua New Guinea men’s coach Douglas Guise said it was a special occasion not only for both teams but for the country as well.
“It’s probably the second time for sports in Papua New Guinea in general. Only rugby league have two teams actually qualifying for a World Cup,” Guise said.
Both teams qualified as the 16th team for the Sydney leg of the World Sevens Series and the Hong Kong 7s series qualifiers.
“It is a big achievement for us especially coming through the hardships we had to face. It is a testament to the players’ hard work and love for the game,” Guise said.
He commended their players for their efforts despite the lack of support.
“We don’t really have a sponsor. We have just been living off family and friends. This is a big achievement for us and I would like for them to enjoy it,” he said. – Fiji Sun