PNG Maritime College sinking

Letters, Normal

THE PNG Maritime College is supposed to be the premier maritime training institution in the Pacific outside Australia and New Zealand.
However, its reputation has taken a nosedive.
The boat is sinking fast and an SOS has been sent to the authorities to save it.
The college needs a complete overhaul.
Many of the teaching staff have been there for more than 15 years.
However, not many of them have gone through any formal training to enhance their skills and knowledge in line with the development of new innovations and technology in the shipping industry.
Empowerment of teachers and lecturers is of utmost importance as they are the ones who impart knowledge and skills to trainees, the upcoming seafarers.
There is a need for a huge change starting from the college head.
Transparency and fairness is needed to take the PNGMC to the next level.
An intervention is needed to ensure that teaching staff are given opportunities in terms of training to produce more qualified and skilled seamen and women.
As a concerned seafarer, I would love to see the college go up another level.


Seafarer for life