PNG needs more leaders like the late Pora

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to pay tribute to Paul Pora, one of Western Highlands’ great leaders, who passed away recently after a long illness.
He was a beacon of hope in upholding some intrinsic qualities of transparency and honest leadership.
He gave his life selflessly to serve Papua New Guinea and its people during his three terms as member of  parliament for Hagen Open.
He enjoyed the comforts of luxury in becoming the highlands’ first multi-millionaire before turing to politics to serve this country without fear, favour, malice or ill-will.
And he did that diligently and in style.
His death marks the end of an era of honesty, integrity and transparent conduct that is demanded by serving the public and which can proudly be measured against the current generation.
He touched a lot of people and moulded and shaped many who came to know him.
He upheld very strong values of accountability, transparency, fair play and honest governance.
Pora  even chose to sacrifice his family business empire when he opted not to use his position of influence to prevent it from collapse when he was minister for finance and planning.
This was and is a rare leadership trait of the man he was.
He led a rich and full life based on just, fair and proper conscience to do the little things right.
His death leaves a big vacuum for leaders of such calibre and this will sadly be missed by Western Highlanders and others who knew him.
Let’s hope and pray that God will give this country more Paul Poras.


Peter Nukunts
Port Moresby