PNG needs to feed on its own food, says Marape

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PRIME Minister James Marape says the Covid-19 pandemic has shown the country that it needs to produce its own food.
Marape received 20 tonnes of fresh vegetables from the Central government to feed the needy people in the National Capital District.
It is part of the Government’s food ration initiative delivered through the churches for people affected by the Covid-19.
“Food security is an everyday need of human beings, so food production is a must for a country to be secure,” Marape said.
“One thing that Covid-19 is teaching us is (we) must start to produce our own food.
“This experience of mobilising food in the first instance to feed the least among us, is a Christian and Melanesian concept.
“We will try our absolute best to attend to those who are in need at the very earliest.”
Marape said the churches were better placed to assist the government in distributing the food to the people who need it most.
“Some of the people are second and third generation city dwellers who do not have jobs,” he said.
“So we as a government must help them.
“Tomorrow (today) onwards, when the people start mobilising through their holdings, we will start to pay the central province farmers and get more food.”
Marape said people living in settlements in the city who need food assistance should go to the nearest church and give their names.
“Church workers in those areas will get the names of the families.
“You will have to go as family group.”
He urged those receiving food to carry out civic duties such as cleaning drains and roadsides near them.
“We do not believe in free handouts, you must contribute your sweat to make sure that you eat your food every day.”
The prime minister thanked the people of Central and corporate sponsors for contributing towards the initiative.


  • Good PMJM is doing something caring for the needy in Port Morseby during this pandemic period but, it is very obvious to be biased as He is not only the father of People in POM but PNG. Port Morseby is not the only town in PNG. Likewise, other towns have settlers who have lived for many generations. whilst the message is clear, he should not give prominence to POM alone. Other centers are equally important as they too contribute meaningfully. the underlying point is, whats so special about POM people? Does it mean People living in Goroka town not important! It is a very bad idea to initiate an isolated exercise that will chew up funds that can be used in other areas to save the nation. PMJM, you can do that for your church members.

  • Lets say only 0.15% population of PNG are benefiting from this helping,think about the bulk population of PNG suffering from this period of isolation and lock down…Please just imagine this..why not the central provincial government feed their own family members rather than helping minority people..

  • This is not really fair. Most people in other parts of the country are sweating their guts to at least feed their families and others getting free ride is a huge concern the government should think about. There is no justice in such acts.. Please don’t for one second forget that we are ONE and we also say this in our National Pledge…Our country is known for raising pig there is a saying goes that when you are feeding your pigs, feed all of them when serving, if you only serve some then the others will make a lot of noises… In addition we are reading a lot of good things on the media but to date I have not seen some of those promised goods/ services and plans have not reached the rural areas…we are still waiting patiently.. Our PM is just a decision maker who have made some very remarkable decisions and plans for the rescue of this country at this hard time but I am really scared of those very people who are going to carry out the tasks mandated to them would not deliver as expected by the PM and the very people of this good nation.. We have a lot of aids and I am scared responsible people might not take the pandemic seriously and might think of their stummies..

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