PNG official dies despite Indonesian border help


A PUBLIC servant in Western died of a heart attack while in Indonesia seeking medical treatment after falling ill on duty, acting South Fly police commander Inspector Soiwa Ricker says.
He was Jimmy Aku, from Ihu district, in Gulf.
“The 57-year-old officer was checking out a newly built market at the Weam-Sota border when he felt heart pains,” Ricker said.
“An (Indonesian) immigration officer processed his border pass at the market and took the officer across the border with a Weam-based police officer to a health center at the Indonesian border town of Sota.
“However, the pain was serious that he was taken to a bigger hospital in Merauke city. Unfortunately, his situation was so severe and he died in Merauke.
“His body was brought back to Daru and is now in the morgue at the Daru General Hospital.”
Ricker said the officer was part of a four-man team from the South Fly district administration project unit which was scoping the 110km Arufi–Morehead–Weam road on Oct 11.
“He was also a heart patient and was getting medication from the Sir Buri Kidu Heart Foundation at the Port Moresby General Hospital.
“He had just recovered from a mild heart attack and just after completing his dose of medicines, he left with his colleagues.
“And that’s when he encountered another heart problem resulting in his death.”