PNG Power call-out service is appalling

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The National, Friday 3rd January 2012

THE service call-out team at PNG Power in Port Moresby is slack and irresponsible.
Consideration for customer convenience and welfare does not appear to be of any concern to the electricity service provider employees who attend to service requests.
A fault which was reported on Wednesday, Jan 25, has not been attended while the desperate customer has been left to suffer in without any electricity supply for more than a week.
Numerous telephone calls daily to follow up have been futile.
Half of the numbers listed in the telephone directory are not being answered or have been changed.
Unfriendly employees who man the few reliable phone lines continually give excuses and lie to the customer that the service team would attend to the problem soon, which never happens.  
Does PNG Power have any process in place for the staff to identify and prioritise requests by order of receipt and the nature of the problem?
In situations like this, the customer ends up spending more on telephone credits to follow up for days on end.
Frozen food that have gone bad in the refrigerator are a loss to the customer. At the end of the day PNG Power still loses nothing.
Can PNG Power do something to improve this situation?
Residential customers using the EasyPay service pay for services upfront. We do not deserve such punishment from the country’s sole provider of electricity.

Frustrated user
Via emai