PNG Power sacks 3 top officers

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Three senior PNG Power Ltd finance officers have been sacked for incompetence and negligence, acting managing director Carolyn Blacklock, pictured, says.
She told The National that an internal audit and investigation was currently underway.
According to information from sources within the State-owned entity, 11 officers had been sacked and another seven demoted as part the PPL restructure.
However, Blacklock claimed that there were three senior managers who were terminated and were running around “fabricating” matters about her sacking staff.
PNG Power in Sept 2016 began the restructure with the aim of removing 14 top management roles with 24 new management roles created but no loss of jobs.
The officers were served their termination letters on January 25.
Those who received the termination notices were not properly informed of the reasons.
It is understood that after the restructure, there were frequent blackouts because technical and skilled employees were being disciplined. Blacklock said Kumul Consolidated Holdings did not have to endorse or approve employment decisions of PNG Power except for the role of the managing director.
“PNG wants first-class electricity. If it’s down, I get the blame,” she said.
In response to claims about her work permit, Blacklock said she came under a permanent residency and there was no requirement for a work permit.
There were also claims about the company account being in an overdraft by K55 million last June.
Company chairman Peter Nupiri said the board was fully behind Blacklock “to clean out incompetence and corrupt practices in Papua New Guinea Power so that this vital SOE can provide world-class electricity, at the lower cost to its customers”.

One thought on “PNG Power sacks 3 top officers

  • PNG power over the past years known as PNGEC was better then PNG Power today. I’m basically talking the number of blackouts we have. During the time of PNG Power, we have more blackouts in a day or week and it has become common or a normal happenings to our daily life.
    I m a citizen of Lae and i am certain that all citizens of Lae should agree with me. It is time now, the management should be overhauled and weed out those that are unproductive and provide efficient power supply with less black outs to our citizen . Also extend the boundaries to supply electricity into rural areas of our country. Our citizens were deprived to electricity for so long and it is time now to improve their service and expend into new areas.

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