PNG Water restores supply to Popondetta

National, Normal

The National – Tuesday, February 8, 2011

WATER supply was restored in Popondetta town on Sunday night after the dam was reconstructed following rising flood waters from Bangoho River that destroyed the dam last Wednesday.
After a 48-hour instruction notice to restore water was issued by Oro administrator Owen Awaita on Saturday, PNG Water workers and contractors worked around the clock to immediately rebuild parts of the dam so that water could be pumped into town.
PNG Water manager in Oro Ross Sau confirmed that the dam was completely damaged and it would take ample time to rebuild the whole thing.
However, he said the workers had built the foundation layer that was at a level enough for water to be diverted in from Bangoho River and into town.
“We made sure the water supply in  Popondetta was restored before the given time and the raw water pump was installed and started at 7.15pm on Sunday evening.
“We had to wait for the flood water to subside and then mobilise machinery to clear the dam and rebuild it.
“By tomorrow, it should be completed as we have started building up the side of the dam where the river flooded.
“Water supply has already been restored for the township and we allowed people to start drinking the water as of yesterday evening after a 24-hour period from when it was switched on,” Sau said.
He also said the permanent dam was washed away by the floods during Cyclone Guba in 2007 and they were
using this temporary dam until they moved up to top town where the new permanent dam was going to be built next to the Resurrection church.
Sau thanked Awaita, provincial works manager Andrew Kendaura and Ijivitari MP David Arore for their financial support and also the volunteers who worked through the night to ensure the dam was rebuilt on time.