P’nyang separate LNG: PM

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PRIME Minister James Marape, pictured, says the P’nyang gas field in Western will not be a part of the US$13 billion (K43 billion) Papua LNG project in Gulf.
He was responding to a question by North Fly MP James Donald in Parliament yesterday on whether the gas field in Western would be part of the Papua LNG.
Marape said the Papua LNG encompassed petroleum retention license (PRL) 15 only.
The P’nyang field is located within PRL3 which covers 105,000 acres (425 square kilometres).
He said if joint venture partners of the country’s second LNG project wanted to bring on board P’nyang, there would be new discussions.
He said the Government would not make any more concessions.
“Partners (Papua LNG project) are embarking on the two trains they proposed to develop on PRL 15.
“P’nyang is totally outside of Papua (LNG) project,” he said.
Marape added that the P’nyang reserves were up for discussions with industry players who were already in the country.
“Our Government is discussing with those who are already in the country, in the industry.
“If they want to discuss P’nyang or stranded fields outside of what is PNG LNG agreement or Papua LNG agreement, then it’s a business discussion that will take place.
“I’ve informed the industry players especially the three major players (ExxonMobil, Total and Oil Search) that Government will no longer give concessions for P’nyang or any more projects going into the future.
“PNG is no longer a Greenfield investment destination.
“P’nyang is not part of Papua LNG.
“We (Government) are committed to Papua LNG,” Marape said.

One thought on “P’nyang separate LNG: PM

  • I hope the government through either Kumul Petroluem Limited or the Department of Petroluem has or is conducting independent economic studies to define various alternatives on how to develop Pnyang gas field. One alternative is to pipe the gas to PNGLNG facility, another is to build as a stand alone that can have othe stranded in Western like Ketu, Barikewa to hook up yo it. Another option yo supply gas to Ok Tedi mine etc.
    If the government cannot do that than dont hold development of that project.
    Pnyang field qas duscovered in 1990. Its 2030. Its 30 years now it needs to be developed.

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