Pok: Soldiers face dismissal

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The National, Friday July 19th, 2013

 DEFENCE Minister Dr Fabian Pok says Papua New Guinea Defence Force soldiers who took part in last Sunday’s rampage at the University of PNG’s Medical Faculty will be court-martialled and dismissed.

Pok gave the assurance to more than 5,000 UPNG students and supporters who staged a peaceful protest march from the Waigani campus to the National Library to petition the government.

“The soldiers responsible will be court-martialled and dismissed immediately,” Pok told cheering students. “I must publicly apologise.

“This is a police matter. Two of the perpetrators are now in the cell. The truck driver is in the cell. Investigations are continuing. 

“Whoever else who has committed this offence will be locked up.

“I have appointed a very senior colonel, Tokam Kanene, to investigate this incident. 

“I ask all of you at the faculty to cooperate with him and give your side of the story.”

Pok urged the students to return to their Taurama campus as police were now on patrol there.

Most students have moved to UPNG’s Waigani campus since last Sunday’s attack.

“There is no need for you to stay at UPNG campus. Police are already on your campus.

“Tomorrow (today), we will send carpenters to fix all the damaged property. About laptops and other items, investigations will be done.”

Pok told the students that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill condemned the actions of the rogue soldiers.