Police add goats and cows to list of targeted strays


POLICE are adding goats and cows to their targets in Goroka town to get rid of stray animals on the streets and public places in a cleanup exercise to prepare for an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) meeting, police say.
Acting Eastern Highlands police commander Chief Inspector Ben Neneo said that a number of pigs roaming the streets and at the Goroka main market and bus stop were shot over the festive period.
He said they would consult the Goroka urban authority for permission to shoot goats and cows in vicinity of town.
“This is part of a cleanup exercise to get Goroka town ready to host the Apec later this year. Roads are being upgraded and police are helping the town authority to get rid of stray animals,” Neneo said.
He appealed to people with pigs near the town boundary to keep them behind the fence instead of letting them loose.
Neneo said the special police operation over Christmas-New Year saw pigs scavenging for food on piles of rubbish around the town.
Meanwhile, NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou said he was confident that Port Moresby was ready to host Apec.
N’Dranou said that the maturity and restraint shown by the residents of Port Moresby to avoid criminal behavioursand taking control of their attitude had given him confidence that the capital city would be good for the summit.

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