Police appeal for peace, end to city violence

The National,Tuesday June 28th, 2016

POLICE in Western Highlands are appealing to ethnic groups living in Mt Hagen to refrain from violence and co-exist peacefully.
Provincial police commander Chief Superintendent Martin Lakari said it was disappointing to see ethnic groups clashing in cities such as Port Moresby and Lae which were urban communities where many different people lived.
He was commenting on a stone-throwing incident on Sunday night between youths living at Tarangau and Mopa.
Lakari said the fight started when a man from Mendi allegedly assaulted two men from Eastern Highlands at Tarangau.
The two groups pelted each other with stones at the junction to the Mt Hagen hospital, market, Tarangau and Warakum.
Lakari said the number of people injured could not be confirmed.
Police later stopped the fight and dispersed the groups.
“I want to appeal to the people from different ethnic groups that if they have a conflict regarding any issues while residing in the city not to take the law into their hands by causing trouble,” he said.
Lakari said there were peaceful ways to resolve their issues such as the courts or via peace mediations.
He said Mt Hagen was a city where people from all over the country and overseas lived and wanted their privacy and safety respected.