Police association loses title claim

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THE PNG Police Association last Wednesday lost its bid to claim title over a prime property in Port Moresby worth more than K2 million at its current valuation.
The property is a four-bedroom high covenant house on section 25 lot 8, in Diho Avenue, off Angau Drive.
It was occupied by suspended association president Robert Ali for six years until his eviction last year by industrial registrar Helen Saleu.
Deputy Chief Justice Salika Gibbs granted orders sought by former Yangoru-Saussia MP John Jaminan that registrar of titles continue to probe how the police union claimed ownership of his house.
Mr Jaminan is allowed to talk with the Registrar of Titles-something Mr Jaminan was not allowed to do under an order taken out by the association.
The court also ordered the police union to pay all legal costs to Mr Jaminan’s lawyers amounting to about K20,000, but this is expected to be a problem because the cheque book is controlled by Mrs Saleu who is not party to the court case pursued by union secretary Clement Kanau without her approval.
Affidavits filed by Mr Jaminan’s lawyers suggest that the title of the house was fraudulently transferred to the association.
A lawyer from the same law firm claimed to represent Mr Jaminan and the association in the transaction.
Mr Jaminan strenuously denied having any dealings with the law firm.