Police attacked while investigating fight

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POLICE officers claim that they were attacked when they went to investigate the Vadavada settlement fight on Thursday.
The fight was allegedly between a group from Goilala in Central and one from Enga.
The officers, who were in the middle of interviewing men from Goilala, believe that their attackers were from the Engan group.
National Capital District/Central commander Assistant Commissioner of Police Anthony Wagambie Jr was disappointed with what happened.
“The armed response units were alerted and attended to the (matter),” he said.
“The (police) officers say the men were armed with guns and bush knives.
“I am totally disappointed and disgusted with what transpired.
“Police are in the area to quell the tension and to deal with the crime that has been committed.
“They were lucky that our armed units came in shortly after they ran away.
“Police combed the area for the armed men but could not locate them.”
ACP Wagambie warned the people in Vadavada that police would find those who attacked the officers.
“I am reiterating my call (to the) Government on settlements that (people who) cannot live harmoniously together be removed,” he said.
“People are living in ethnic groups in settlements.
“That’s why we will continue to face these problems.
“Action has to be taken now, otherwise maybe in three to five years, we will not be able to handle it.”


  • I thought, people who are not employed should be removed from cities or settlement, those are the calpriets who course the problem in the ciety.

  • Aniwa Jeff and Fonianloka, removing settlements and unemployed people should be a rare measures to such problem, but would not be the main solution to the problem. Most employed people in the city are living in settlements and work. And most are still looking for home/house to live and work in the city/town. Even though, some people have been laid off due to Covid-19, they are still hanging around looking for job.
    Thus, the only thing our government can do is to create more job opportunity for people to meet their everyday living in reasonable way.
    And recruit more law enforcing officers (policemen and policewomen) so they can immediately attend/arrive to the problem caused before it getting worse.

  • NCDC, Department of Lands and Central Provincial Government are promoting settlements, ethnic grouping and ethnic clashes in the city. They are the culprits. They are failing to implement and enforce land laws in and around the city. Enforce the Land Act and evict trespasser and illegal settlers; or else start doing proper physical planning, convert settlements to suburb and mix people around so they don’t live in ethnic groupings. The Heads of these Departmments and Agencies should be arrested and charged for Contributory Negligence in not implementing and enforcing their laws, which are resulting in such crimes being committed. Community leaders should apply for Court Orders to compel the Lands Department, NCDC, Central Provincial Government and National Housing Corporation to do their mandated legal duties. They are failing to do their job. They are the culprits.

  • Can politicians or governments or whoever has the the power remove squatters surrounding our towns.
    Squatters are hindering our progress.

  • It would be more truthful message if officers in charge investigated properly and then put it on a media like this.
    Otherwise the truth is nobody attacked police officers.it was a fight between Goilala and Engan people.

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