Police barracks to light up soon


RED Sea Police Barracks at Bomana, Port Moresby, should get electricity by the end of this month, says Moresby North-East MP John Kaupa.
Kaupa, who is also the Housing Minister, told media yesterday that he had already allocated K500,000 for the project for the barracks.
It consists of 150 houses.
Kaupa said the cause of the holdup was caused by the contractor waiting for cables and transformer before it could start work.
“The cables and transformers are very much different from the ones widely used in the city.”
“These are underground cables, whereas in Port Moresby, there are only two of these type.
“One is used at Taurama Barracks and this is the second.
“That’s why we had to order the required materials from overseas,”he said.
Kaupa said electricity engineering into Red Sea Barracks involved a new concept of fitting power supplies, “but our electricians have already put light fittings everywhere for the 150 houses.
“It’s only a matter of time before we will light up the place,” he said.