Police brutality


THE recent incident of a teenager being assaulted in Kimbe has attracted much criticisms from the public, both on social media and mainstream media.
The allegations of police brutality have overshadowed the crime that may have been committed by the teen.
Many are of the view that the policeman’s response was not right. They may be right in a sense because of past police brutality cases, but you have to understand that police reinforcement went from Port Moresby to Kimbe because of the rise in crime.
The teenager who was assaulted had been caught committing a criminal act, and it was possible that he had his friends with him because they like to hunt in packs. If someone else had intervened other than the police, the outcome may have been very different, especially with the likelihood of the teen’s friends joining in. I placed myself in the position of the brother and sister who were being robbed.
In the process, the brother was stabbed. It was a traumatising experience and that may have, in a way,
forced the policeman to do what he did to send a strong message to the teen and his comrades that enough was enough.
Police officers are human beings just anyone else, and sometimes due to circumstances beyond their control, they may do things that you would not expect a normal person in his right mind to do.
It is always better to weigh the circumstances before commenting. In this case, the policeman faced strong criticism, drawing attention away from the offender to go away and commit another crime.
What if the brother who was stabbed died?

Fed up of Crime, K92

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