Police brutality tends to be a public threat


POLICE brutality tends to be a public threat and portrays bad image and reputation to the Royal Constabulary of Papua New Guinea.
The Metropolitan Superintendent NCD, Benjamin Turi commented in The National headline ‘This has to stop’ sounds better with authority and discipline enforcement to viewers nevertheless would they facilitate to ensure that those who have involved on Dr Newman Berry be apprehended and dealt with.
As ordinary citizens we appeal that the hierarchies in the constabulary should scrutinise its enforcement in the policing with correct measures so that the public should feel protected and secured.
Papua New Guinea is a Christian and democratic country where human harassment should not be imposed at all cost then it is certainly against the law.
We read and hear from Communist and Non – Christian Nations about discipline force control its citizens through means of gun barrel and harassment, shouldn’t be in Papua New Guinea.

Jimmy M Kontualie
Nine Mile – Morobe Block              

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