Police calling on tribes to respect Tari and push for lasting peace


HELA police said Tipa tribesmen living around Tari should respect the town and its people by maintaining peace and harmony.
Provincial police commander Chief Superintendent Martin Lakari, who led security forces into Tipa’s territory on Thursday to negotiate a ceasefire agreement with the Lanipi tribesmen to end tribal fighting near Tari town, appealed to Tipa tribesmen to help maintain peace.
Lakari said that Tipa and Lanipi tribesmen recently fought in Tari town and caused the death of 10 innocent people.
“We already talked to the Lanipi tribesmen and they have put down their arms and we want the same from Tipa and their leaders,” he said.
He said the Tipa tribesmen were cooperating and subsequently there had been no shooting in Tari since Thursday.
Lakari said the town is quiet and peaceful but he would continue to work with the leaders of the former warring tribes to see how best they could agree to long-term peace.
“While we are trying to bring to justice those responsible for the killing of the innocent people, I want Lanipi and Tipa tribesmen to respect the ceasefire agreement and let the law take its own course,” he said.
He said all recent killings in Tari town have now become police matters and police are investigating them.
He said that while the investigations are underway, people should not create another problem and jeopardise the good work already started.
Lakari said the town is for everyone .
“If we continue to fight in the town and destroy it, where will we all go to find services?” he said.
Lakari said that they would all suffer and filled with regret should businesshouses and other service providers move out because of any security threat.
He urged the people to use the court systems to deal with conflicts rather than fight over them.
Lakari called for the people to change their mindsets and work with the police and other public servants to develop their new province.
He added that if they continued to fight, they would not get anywhere.

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