Police ensure peaceful New Year celebration for settlers


COMMUNITIES at Biliau Maus Rot in Madang, for the first time, celebrated a safe and enjoyable New Year thanks to the police through their New Year’s Eve awareness.
Ward eight councillor Saun Dambui thanked and commended police for showing their presence on New Year’s Eve (Tuesday) which saw the people enjoy a peaceful celebrations.
Officer-in-charge of community policing Chief Sgt Peter Gorek carried out community awareness about being good citizens and respecting each other and their elders.
“My appeal to you young ones and youths is to respect and trust each other in your communities,” he told the people on New Year’s Eve.
“Most importantly, respect the elders.
“They are the ones who were here before you and they should be specially recognised in your communities.
“If this is not done then your communities will always be disturbed.”
Dambui and his community praised Gorek for the message.
Gorek told the settlers, who are mostly from East Sepik, that they had left their own villages and settled in Madang and they needed to respect Madang and its people.
“We should respect the people of Madang and its surroundings,” he said.
“The land and its surroundings are theirs and they made it available for us and need to respect the locals.” Gorek said during New Year’s Eve, the place was quiet all throughout the night.
Community representative Stanley Gaan warned youths to respect the rule of law at all times.
Dambui said he was trying to work more closely with law enforcement to see their community is trouble free and peaceful.
“I am doing my best to make this community a peaceful and respectable community where we can live and work,” he said.
“That is why I have invited police to do awareness and we will continue to work with them to make this place a nice and quiet place.”

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