Police note rise in vehicle thefts


CRIMINALS in Port Moresby have been using stolen vehicles to steal other vehicles, says a senior police officer.
Superintendent operations at Boroko police station, Chief Inspector Michael Tilae told a media conference on Tuesday that criminals were now employing new tactics to target especially family vehicles and those driven by women.
“As far as the crime rate is concerned, the common offence that has occurred in the city over the last week into the weekend was car theft,” Tilae said.
He said the number of car thefts on a daily basis in the city varied from day to day.
“Sometimes criminals are at their best especially on weekends and on days when security is not so tight.”
Tilae said for instance, there was one vehicle theft each reported last Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
“On Monday alone, we had four during the day. One of the things we found out is that they target the well-guarded places, like Toaguba Hill, Gerehu 2 and 3.”
He said usually the criminals waited at the entrance of residences or actually followed people to their residences.
“You’ll find them trailing you from wherever you are or if you stop at traffic lights, public places and even at your gates. It’s becoming a trend now so what we ask the public to do is to use your rear vision mirrors, your side mirrors and if you are in doubt of the vehicle behind you or stationed at the car parks and your gates, do not stop, keep on moving,” Tilae cautioned.
“This is just a word of advice and awareness to road users and people who are vulnerable, at least help us to manage the number of occurrences in the city.
“It is unfortunate that we cannot be everywhere.”

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