Police offences more this year


WEST New Britain police commander Sup Jim Namora says 12 police officers in the province have appeared at the National and district courts in Kimbe, for various criminal charges this year. And this he, says, is a big number of police officers.
Namora said an equal number of other police officers were on national court call overs for 2014 and last year after they were committed to stand trial for various offences.
“There are no two laws and everyone including men, women and commissioned officers serving in the police force are subject to the same law and will be treated the same when caught doing wrong,” he said.
Namora was commenting after the arrest of an officer yesterday.
The officer was arrested and charged yesterday with consumption of alcohol and acting in a disorderly manner towards members of the public at a supermarket.
Namora had ordered that the officer be arrested and charged for the alleged offence.

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