Police officer charged when house burns down after wife’s clothes set alight


A POLICE officer is facing a charge of arson for a fire at a home at the Henganofi Police Barracks, Eastern Highlands.
Charged is Probationary Constable Josephpatt Muyab, originally from Zivazing in Markham, Morobe.
Eastern Highlands Police Commander Superintendent Alex N’Drasal said the charge indicated that Muyab had been drinking when he had an argument with his wife.
He said Muyab’s wife’s clothes were burnt and the fire spread.
“The fire spread out quickly and burnt down the police duplex accommodation, one of the recently built buildings” he said.
“Another policeman and his family also lost their belongings.”
N’Drasal said the incident happened on Saturday at around 7pm.
“I directed for an internal investigation by the Henganofi police. They found Muyab at his village in Zaivazing, Markham,” he said.
N’Drasal said the policeman was charged with arson.
“Policemen and women are categorised under the disciplined forces. Whether you are under the influence of liquor or not, you have to be disciplined at all times under whatever circumstances,” he said.