Police officers chase away street vendors in town

National, Normal

The National, Friday February 21st, 2014

 HUNDREDS of street vendors in Mendi, Southern Highlands, have been chased away from the town by police from the Poroma station, in the Nipa-Kutubu district.

After a major clean-up under the direction of town manager Steven Temo, the town became filthy with betel nut stains and rubbish despite security engaged by the town management.

Poroma police station commander Daniel Yangen, with a few policemen, were warning sellers to move away from the location when a flying missile suddenly landed on their vehicle. 

That angered the police who went out and smashed tables and chased the sellers away.

“This is our only town and why can’t we look after our town properly? People will rob you if you go to other towns in the country so be proud of the town and the services,” Yangen told the sellers.

He said people always wanted better services but could not look after the little things such as their town that provided most of the vital services.

“When will we change?” Yangen said, “We have Mendi market, vegetable and betel nut market. 

“You should be there and not in the town,” he said.

Yangen was concerned the town management was not doing much to beautify the town and keeping away street sellers.

“Where is the town authority security guards engaged to arrest people throwing rubbish and doing illegal sales in the heart of the town?” 

He said it was everyone’s business to help keep the town clean.