Police probe death of youths

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THE shooting of two youths in Kimbe on Wednesday allegedly by local police is being investigated, West New Britain police commander Chief Supt John Midi says.
“The two boys were allegedly shot last night (July 1) at Laleki settlement by police officers,” he said.
“And the accused officers didn’t let the rest of us know about that incident until there was a protest march this morning (Thursday). “
Supt Midi said one of the victims was believed to be killed and while the other sustained injuries.
“The injured boy is now receiving treatment at the Kimbe General Hospital,” Supt Midi said.
“I was not been briefed about this shooting before the protest march was held.
“We will let the investigation establish the facts before any further details are released.”
Supt Midi said the protesters set fire on the wreck of an old vehicle.
The protesters dragged the vehicle wreck onto the road and burnt tires, creating a roadblock.
“Police were able to stop the protest march and remove the wreck and other burning debris to allow the free flow of traffic.”

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