Police receive K50,000 to assist with probe


POLICE have received K50,000 from the National Capital District Commission to assist in investigations of the recent torture of five women in Southern Highlands.
The support, through the office of the governor, comes after Police Minister William Onglo called on the country’s 109 MPs to start assisting police in their work not only in crime, but be the voice to stop the torture of women because of sorcery allegations.
The money will go to supporting police with logistics to move into the area to get the suspects.
Parkop said he hoped the support would assist police continue their investigations into the torture and death of three of the five women.
“We need the perpetrators to be arrested and charged, we understand the location of the village and the suspects may have long gone into hiding,” he said.
“This support is our way of ensuring police get the men suspected of committing these crimes.”
When accepting the support, Onglo said the attack which had been condemned by provincial and national leaders, had taken place in an isolated village.
He said after two women were rescued, local leaders were willing to help bring the perpetrators to justice.
Onglo said his office was determined to rid the practice of attacking women accused of sorcery.
“I appreciate the women folks who are advocating and we need all the cooperation of the people,” he said.