Police station plan welcomed

National, Normal

The National, Friday June 21st, 2013

 THE people of Poroma have welcomed the decision by the Southern Highlands provincial government and the national government to establish a police station in their district.

Last month Governor William Powi announced that 40 new recruits would be sent to Poroma.

Poroma central landowners association chairman Jeffery Ipi said that such project was important for the people as it would establish peace and harmony among the people.

He added that it was important for the PNG LNG gas project and the Kutubu oil project in the province.

Ipi said any project would benefit the people and the establishment of the police force and the proposed special tactical response unit was welcoming news for the province.

“We support the project and we are prepared to work together with the provincial government led by Governor William Powi, Nipa-Kutubu member Jeffery Komal and the O’Neill government,” he said.

However, he said the people wanted equal benefits from any project that was initiated by the government.

“As we support, we also want to take part to take spin of benefit like construction works and other benefit that would improve the lives of the people,” Powi said.

He said the local had some capacity and resources to participate in the development and they should not be overlooked.

He said Kesowa Enterprise Ltd (their landowner company) was prepared to participate in the project and other projects as it was their only opportunity.

“The government should not bring outside companies but engage the local company like Kesowa Enterprise Ltd. We will be here and will continue to support and take ownership of the projects, not the outsiders,” he said. 

Ipi said during a recent meeting in Poroma that the customary land owner would cooperate with the provincial and national governments, ExxonMobil and Oil Search and any other developers operating in the area.