Police stop settlers’ eviction protest


POLICE in Port Moresby attended a recent protest by disgruntled settlers at Bushwara settlement at 9-Mile.
NCD Met Supt Gideon Ikumu said scores of aggrieved settlers opposed a proposed eviction plan by attempting to march into the city last Wednesday but were stopped by police.
He said Nambawan Super Ltd (NSL), the developer and title holder of the portion of land, attempted to set up its office to mitigate consultation with the settlers and relevant authorities as part of its development plan.
But the settlers attempted to resist the development by staging a protest.
Met Supt Ikumu said a large, rowdy and violent crowd was dispersed and police remained at the scene to maintain peace and order.
He said contractors, engaged by NSL, were building the office under police presence.
Met Supt Ikumu said after completing the office, NSL would embark on their eviction plan.
He said NSL had acquired orders from the court to evict the settlers.